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Ficus racemosa - Cluster Fig / Gular - 500 seeds

Ficus racemosa - Cluster Fig / Gular - 500 seeds

An Australian bush tucker species that also makes a fantastic Bonsai specimen!
This tree is native to Australia, widely distributed across QLD, NT, WA and also native to India, SE Asia and Malaysia and is a an interesting Ficus species with edible fruit.
It is found growing along the banks of streams, on the sides of ravines and also on rocky slopes sometimes almost gregariously.
It is an evergreen, spreading and lactiferous evergreen to deciduous tree growing 15 - 18m tall with dark green leaves 7 - 15cm long x 3 - 6cm wide that are ovate, oblong or elliptical lanceolate tapering to a bluntish point at the apex.
Fruits are 2 - 5cm in diameter, subglobose or pyriform in shape growing in large clusters on short leafless branches arising from the main trunk or large branches - cauliflorous, they are smooth and rarely covered in soft minute hairs.  These fruits are borne in great profusion from Autumn to Winter, starting off as green and ripening to red, when ripe gives off a pleasant aroma that resembles cider apples, these fruits are often full of the maggots of the fertilising wasp and unfortunately unfit for eating.
The trunk appears rough due to the remains of the old inflorescences.
This tree makes a great bush tucker tree, shade tree, feature or even as a Bonsai specimen.
All plant parts are regarded medicinally important in Ayurveda (an ancient system of Indian medicine) and has been used extensively in the treatment of many ailments and disorders.
This listing is for 500 seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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