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Ficus obliqua - Small Leaved Fig - 100 Seeds

Ficus obliqua - Small Leaved Fig - 100 Seeds

Ficus obliqua, the Small Leaved Fig occurs naturally in Queensland and northern New South Wales, where it is a large spreading tree to approximately 25m in height and width but in cultivation it does not usually exceed 15m.  This species has elliptical leaves in a glossy mid-green to approximately 6cm, small for a fig and giving it its common name.  The fruits are smallish in a bright yellow carried prominently on short stems.
With its glossy small leaves, attractive fruit and a trunk that develops a knotted, gnarled form, it males an excellent Bonsai subject or potted indoor plant.
Despite its subtropical origin, it will grow successfully in temperate areas and is adaptable to a range of soils and appreciates adequate moisture. 


Propagation is usually from seed which germinates well without any pre-treatment.  Cuttings also strike successfully
100 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 
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