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Ficus microcarpa syn F. nitida - Chinese Banyan / Pot Belly Fig - 100 seeds

Ficus microcarpa syn F. nitida - Chinese Banyan / Pot Belly Fig - 100 seeds


This grows into a large and sturdy tree 15 - 18m tall x 18 - 25m wide with a massive spreading and rounded canopy, a smooth light grey trunk that can grow to 1m in diameter, the foliage is a shiny deep green, smooth and elliptic 8cm long leaves on short erect, many branching stems.  The roots well and store water and nutrients, this allows in to survive in harsh environments and continue to swell as they grow older which makes a fantastic Bonsai feature.


In Winter white to green inconspicuous flowers occur, followed by 1cm round greenish coloured fruit ripening to a pinkish purple.

As it ages it can form long aerial roots, more so in warm humid climates. 


Prefers a well drained but moist soil in a full sun position in warm humid climates but can be kept as a houseplant indoors and is tolerant of a wide range of conditions - note that it is not frost tolerant.

Can be pruned to shape, to keep a bushy appearance and maintain a neat look, when young, train the trunk to be multi stemmed or as a single trunk.


Be sure if you grow it as an indoor plant do not over pot as they thrive in cramped conditions and is great as a Bonsai.


This can also be used as a dense shrub, trained into a topiary or a pyramid.


100 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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