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Ficus coronata - Sandpaper Fig - 30 seeds

Ficus coronata - Sandpaper Fig - 30 seeds

Ficus coronata, commonly known as the Sandpaper Fig or Creek Sandpaper Fig, is a species of fig that occurs naturally in Australia.  It is found along the east coast from Mackay in Central Queensland, through New South Wales and just into Victoria near Mallacoota and grows along river banks and gullies in rainforest and open forest.  Its common name is derived from its rough sandpapery leaves.
The Sandpaper Fig is a small tree which may reach the dimensions of 6 -12m tall by 3 - 5 m in width, though generally smaller.  The trunk is dark brown, the ovate or elliptical leaves are 5 -15 cm long by 2 - 5 cm wide and very scabrous (rough) like sandpaper on the upper side.  The new growth is hairy and the succulent oval fruit is purple when ripe and around 1.5cm long and covered in dense hairs.
It serves as a food plant for the caterpillars of the Queensland butterfly, the Common or Purple Moonbeam.  The Australian Figbird, Green Catbird, Olive Backed Oriole, Topknot Pigeon, and the Grey Headed flying fox are among those that consume the fruit.
The fruit is edible and palatable, and was consumed by Indigenous Australians.
The Sandpaper Fig's leaves are an attractive attribute which may be highlighted in Bonsai, although the trunk may not thicken spontaneously.  It is suited to a shady position in gardens, or medium to brightly lit indoor spaces and like all figs in garden situations, they attract birds, such as species of Silvereye and rainforest Pigeons. 
It is suited to full sun to dappled shade and is a great houseplant or Bonsai.  It prefers moist, rich, loamy soils and occurs naturally over a very wide range of locations and climatic conditions from tropical to cool temperate zones and can take light frost.
30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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