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Ficus benjamina - Weeping Fig - 500 Seeds

Ficus benjamina - Weeping Fig - 500 Seeds

Ficus benjamina, the Weeping Fig really needs no introduction, we have all seen them in abundance as an indoor feature.  Fast-growing, this is a huge tree outdoors in ideal conditions, growing to 20m in height and 20 to 30m in width.  The dense, rounded canopy and gracefully drooping branches of Weeping Fig have traditionally made it popular as a landscape tree for larger sites, its tolerance of pruning and shaping make it excellent as a trained standard, topiary, espalier, screen or hedge and its ability to take low light situations has made it a staple of the indoor plants.  Young plants make excellent tub or container plants. It makes an excellent bonsai subject, either indoors or out and as with figs generally is an excellent beginners Bonsai subject.
The thick, shiny, 5 to 10cm long, evergreen leaves generously clothe the long branches, and the tiny figs eventually turn a deep red.  Branches will weep toward the ground forming a canopy so dense that nothing grows beneath it.  It is normally single-trunked with attractive silver-grey bark, although it will produce aerial roots in time.
Once Ficus benjamina has become acclimatised to its final resting place very little effort is needed to maintain a good looking and healthy specimen.  This plant will tolerate a great deal of abuse and frankly is difficult to kill. Indoors it will tell its owner it needs attention by dropping its beautiful dark green and glossy foliage. 
Weeping Fig will grow in full sun or partial shade and low light in any well-drained soil, plants should be carefully watered when young and later during droughts.  Plants are very frost-sensitive.
With this one there are some negatives as well - if left unchecked it can be invasive and the surface roots can create problems with paving, footpaths and the like.
Propagation is from seed or cuttings.  As with all the figs propagation is not difficult although germination can be patchy so these lots contain a generous quantity of seed.
This listing is for 500 seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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