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Festuca glauca - Blue Mountain Grass / Blue Fescue - 100 seeds

Festuca glauca - Blue Mountain Grass / Blue Fescue - 100 seeds


This is a highly ornamental clumping grass native to almost all parts of the world and is tolerant of many situations and climates.


It has gorgeous and thin blue grey foliage growing 30cm x 30cm with a neat compact habit and is perfect for the garden in pots, mass planted, as borders, in rockeries and a great filler for those empty spaces.


In late Spring to Summer, it forms a long inflorescence with light green to purple flowers that fade to a buff colour, but Festuca is definitely grown for its foliage – just stunning!  To remove dead foliage, just trim the leaves almost to ground level, they will re-shoot quickly and you will have a spectacular display once again. 


Tolerant of light frosts and some periods of dryness and will grow on a wide variety of soils as long as they are not too boggy.  Best in well drained soils in full sun to part shade and divided in Spring to increase vigour for the next season.

Festuca performs best in areas with lower humidity but will grow almost anywhere but may be short lived in those areas.


100 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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