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Exocarpos aphyllus - Leafless Ballart - 20 seeds

Exocarpos aphyllus - Leafless Ballart - 20 seeds

A really unique Aussie native growing as a leafless but flowering shrub!
This Australian native is a leafless and many branched shrub, growing 1 - 5m tall, the stout, rigid, usually divaricate, sometimes spinescens branches are grey green to olive green in colour and stellate hairy when young, although leafless, it does have scale like ovate leaves on the branches.
Very small, yellowish green sessile flowers in dense ovoid clusters or spikes, 2 - 5mm long in Winter to Spring, followed by the fruit which is an ovoid drupe, 3 - 5mm long and is almost black when ripe.
This species is native to WA and occurs naturally in woodland communities and is widespread in a variety of habitats, also occurring in QLD, VIC and SA on rocky loam, clay loam and calcereous soils.
This is a really interesting Aussie native that would make a unique addition to the garden!
This listing is for 20 seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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