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Eustrephus latifolius - Wombat Berry - 20 seeds

Eustrephus latifolius - Wombat Berry - 20 seeds


Eustrephus latifolius, commonly known as the Wombat Berry is a reasonably vigorous twining plant or a scrambling ground cover, the leaves are lance-shaped to about 80mm long and have conspicuous longitudinal veins. 


Flowers are white or pale pink to mauve, about 15mm diameter and occur in Spring in the upper leaf axils.


The flowers are followed by orange berries containing a number of shiny, black seeds, the fruits usually remain on the plant for many months.

Wombat Berry is hardy in a range of soils and climates and is best if grown in a semi shaded position.  It tolerates extended periods of dryness once established, is not excessively vigorous and is unlikely to become a problem by smothering other plants.

The fleshy roots of the plant are edible - the small earthen coloured tubers (1 - 3cm long) taste sweet and juicy and the berries contain a tiny amount of crisp white pulp which can be eaten.


Propagation is best carried out from fresh seed.

20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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