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Eucalyptus gillii - Curly Mallee - 60 seeds

Eucalyptus gillii - Curly Mallee - 60 seeds


Myrtaceae - no shipment to Western Australia or Tasmania


Eucalyptus gillii, commonly known as the Curly Mallee is a small tree, usually of "Mallee" habit (multi-trunks arising from a lignotuber) but occasionally growing on a single trunk. It reaches about 5 - 7m in height and is found naturally in localised occurrences in the northern Flinders Ranges of South Australia and near Broken Hill in NSW.

The bark is greyish and persistent near the base of the trunks but is smooth and cream/grey elsewhere.  The juvenile foliage is greyish green and oval shaped to about 100mm in length, are usually arranged in an "opposite" configuration and adult leaves may only occur at the ends of the branches.  The golden yellow flowers occur in clusters in the leaf axils in Spring and early Summer.

Eucalyptus gillii is closely related to Eucalyptus socialis (Red Mallee) but differs in that it retains juvenile foliage in the crown of the tree.

Curly Mallee is not widely grown but would be an attractive small tree for dry climates, the foliage is silvery and eye-catching and the flowers well displayed and the foliage is great as a floristry filler.  Because of its lignotuberous habit, the species responds to hard pruning to near ground level if rejuvenation is required.

Propagation is from seed which germinates readily.

60 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.  

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