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Eucalyptus websteriana - Heart Leaf or Dainty Mallee - 20 Seeds

Eucalyptus websteriana - Heart Leaf or Dainty Mallee - 20 Seeds


Myrtaceae - No shipment to Western Australia or Tasmania


Eucalyptus websteriana, commonly known as the Heart-leaf or Dainty Mallee, is one of a suite of small ornamental trees endemic to Western Australia.
Growing up to 3m high, with Minniritchi bark and heart-shaped leaves, this small tree is compact and branches from ground level and provides only lightly dappled shade, meaning any undergrowth plants will not suffer as Eucalyptus websteriana grows.  It  can be easily confused with Eucalyptus orbifolia, however is easily identified by its smaller, greener leaves which are longer and wider and Eucalyptus websteriana doesn’t have a white, waxy coating on its fruit.
Flowers occurs from Spring with a subtle show of feathery yellow flowers, and ornamental globular buds and fruit. The attractive blue-green, heart-shaped leaves are often used in flower arrangements.
This is a hardy plant that prefers well drained sandy soil, low humidity, full sun and slightly acid soil.  Once established it will tolerate drought, frost and lime.  Little to no maintenance is required apart from keeping up the water until it is established and as it originates from a very dry climate it has low water needs once established.
20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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