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Eucalyptus saxatilis - Suggan Buggan Mallee - 40 Seeds

Eucalyptus saxatilis - Suggan Buggan Mallee - 40 Seeds


Myrtaceae - No shipment to Western Australia or Tasmania


Eucalyptus saxatilis, commonly known as the Suggan Buggan Mallee is a multi-stemmed, small tree to 10m tall, with a relatively sparse canopy and has smooth, yellow-orange to grey or grey-green bark.  The juvenile leaves are opposite and stalkless; the adult leaves are alternate and blue-grey, the fruit and buds are in clusters of three, and have a whitish bloom and the fruit is distinctly bell shaped.  Flowers in Autumn and Winter and is drought and frost resistant.


It is currently known from ten populations in NSW and Victoria. In NSW it is confined to the Lower Snowy area of Kosciuszko National Park. 


At all known locations this species grows as pure stands, surrounded by Eucalypt woodland, with the majority growing adjacent to Long Leaved or Bundy Box woodland (Eucalyptus goniocalyx and Eucalyptus nortonii).  At all sites in NSW this species is associated with rocky outcrops and cliff areas with shallow soils, at elevations between 720 and 1000m.


Suggan Buggan Mallee is a fantastic small tree that kooks really dramatic in the garden and can be coppiced to get wonderful stems with silver bloom and gorgeous grey foliage.


40 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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