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Eucalyptus rosacea - 20 seeds

Eucalyptus rosacea - 20 seeds


Myrtaceae - No shipment to Western Australia or Tasmania


Eucalyptus rosacea is a dryland Mallee endemic to Western Australia occurring east of Laverton and Queen Victoria Springs towards Neale Junction in the Great Victoria Desert.  It grows from 1 to 4m in height, although it  is most commonly 2 to 3m tall.  It is not well known in cultivation because of its isolated location in the wild and difficulty in obtaining a regular source of seed.


The multi-trunked stems are smooth throughout, the bark dark and light grey over pinkish grey or yellowish grey and white, the adult leaves linear, dull, grey-green and the buds pendulous and with the finely pointed operculum much longer than the very short bud base. 


Eucalyptus rosacea belongs to a small subsection of another small section of uncommon Eucalyptus where the individualistic features are large buds in which the staminal filaments are erect or oblique and fused or joined at the base forming a tubular bloom (these other species are Eucalyptus synandra and Eucalyptus beadiana).  The result is highly distinctive and attractive flowers that have been said to resemble Correa blooms. 


The long curved bud caps on these species are also a feature Eucalyptus rosacea is closely related to Eucalyptus synandra, but has finer foliage.  Where Eucalytpus synandra flowers open creamy white, then turn rose pink and eventually old rose in colour, the first flower on Eucalyptus rosacea was a deep reddish pink as soon as its cap released the stamens.  Eucalyptus beadiana normally flowers a deep red.


Eucalyptus rosacea has much to recommend it as an ornamental - small in size, attractively barked multiple trunks, interesting beaked buds and delightful highly attractive flowers that can range in colour from pure white through delicate shades of pink to a deeper rich red.  

A mature tree in full bloom can have its foliage practically obscured  by the mass of flowers.  It is also quite precocious, having been known to flower at 20cm. 


It is suited to locations with drier summers and well drained soils.  It does not experience much frost in its natural environment but does experience quite intense dry desert cold.


20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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