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Eucalyptus punctata - Grey Gum - 200 Seeds

Eucalyptus punctata - Grey Gum - 200 Seeds


Myrtaceae - no shipment to Western Australia or Tasmania


Eucalyptus punctata commonly known as the Grey Gum, is a fast growing lignotuberous tree to 35m in height and occurs naturally in dry sclerophyll forest or woodland on soils of low to medium fertility.  Its natural range is from just south of Nowra on the south coast of New South Wales, north through the ranges and coastal hinterlands to just south of Gympie in SE Queensland.
Bark is smooth throughout, patchy, matte white or grey or grey-brown or salmon or orange, shedding in large plates or flakes.  The bark sheds in about three phases over a year, the newly exposed bark being highly coloured, orange or coppery, and fades to grey which weathers to dark grey, giving a three-coloured mottled effect.  The older dark grey bark usually becomes somewhat dull and granular. 
Intermediate leaves are narrow lanceolate to lanceolate, straight, entire, glossy green (to dark green), petiolate, 14.5cm long and 5mm wide, adult leaves are lanceolate, falcate, acute, basally tapered, glossy, green (dark), thick, lighter above than below, 8 to 15cm in length and 1.5 to 3mm wide. 
Flowers white or cream and occur from Summer to Autumn.  This is a bird attracting species - insect eaters, seed eaters and nectar.  It is a Koala browse tree and an important pollen source for bees.  It is a useful timber tree and wood has been used in heavy engineering, as poles and as railway sleepers.
The tree requires well drained soil and can grow in nutritionally poor soil.  It is moderately drought tolerant and frost resistant. 
200 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 
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