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Eucalyptus polybractea - Blue Leaved Mallee - 50 Seeds

Eucalyptus polybractea - Blue Leaved Mallee - 50 Seeds


Myrtaceae Species - No shipment to WA or TAS


Eucalyptus polybractea, known as the Blue Leaved Mallee, is small, multi-stemmed Mallee gum that grows to 8m high and is a dry land Mallee found in central western New South Wales and in central Victoria.


Bark is rough and persistent on the lower half of the trunks, becoming ribbony or papery on the stems above. Above the stocking the bark is smooth white, pink, orange or grey, white flowers appear from Autumn to Winter.


The plant is used extensively for Eucalyptus oil extraction - the leaves are used to produce Eucalyptus oil and have very high levels of cineole (up to 91%).  The oil is primarily used medicinally and for flavouring.


It is  adaptable to a range of soils but prefers a well-drained soil in an open sunny position and is suitable for windbreak or shelter and tolerates drought and is moderately frost resistant.


50 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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