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Eucalyptus piperita - Sydney Peppermint - 100 Seeds

Eucalyptus piperita - Sydney Peppermint - 100 Seeds


Bird attracting!


Myrtaceae species - No shipment to WA or TAS
Eucalyptus piperita, commonly known as the Sydney Peppermint, is an attractive tree to some 20 to 25m in height or a multi-trunked shorter tree if influenced by adverse exposure, poor soil fertility or fire disturbance.
The trunk has a thick stocking of permanent grey coloured fibrous bark often spreading well onto the lower limbs while upper branches are smooth and pale in colour frequently with long hanging ribbons of bark where the smooth sections begin. 
Leaves are dull in colour, concolorous and have an oblique base; they range from 10 - 14cm long and 1 - 3cm in width, fruit are small globular urn shaped capsules held in tight clusters with valves enclosed below the disc/rim.
Foliage has a strong distinctive peppermint aroma and white/cream flowers are borne in clusters of seven or more in late Spring to mid Summer.
This species lives well in excess of 100 years and is normally cultivated for oil extraction from its leaves or for its fauna value - nectar and pollen highly sort after by fauna when the tree is in flower.  Older trees from magnificent fauna refuges with many hollow logs. 
It tolerates mild frosts and is best in full sun and well drained soils. 
This listing is for 100 seeds shipped by ordinary mail upon receipt of cleared funds.
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