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Eucalyptus pimpiniana - Dwarf Pimpin Mallee - 30 Seeds

Eucalyptus pimpiniana - Dwarf Pimpin Mallee - 30 Seeds

Myrtaceae - No shipment to Western Australia or Tasmania
Eucalyptus pimpiniana, commonly known as the Pimpin Mallee is a multi-stemmed, densely crowned dwarf Mallee that occurs naturally on red sandy flats in desert locations in western South Australia and eastern Western Australia.
It grows from 50cm to some 2m in height and width with smooth pinkish-grey to tan to white bark throughout. Juvenile leaves ovate to lanceolate, dull, green and adult leaves to 140mm long and 33mm wide, lanceolate to broadly lanceolate, sometimes rather thick, dull, blue-grey.
Flowers are in groups of 7-19 in the axils of the leaves, on long droopy stalks. Buds to 33mm long and 11mm wide, cylindrical to narrowly obovoid, striate or sometimes ribbed, bud-cap cone-shaped to pointy top, about as long as the hypanthium.  Flowers are a vivid yellow, occurring between between Winter to Spring.
It likes a very well-drained soil, is drought resistant and can take light frost and intense desert cold and is found on both alkaline and acidic soils.  It has a low-growing profile with foliage to the ground and is one of the small Eucalyptus that makes an excellent plant for large pots or tubs.  
When in flower it makes an excellent flower and is a magnet for nectar seeking birds.
30 scarce premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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