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Eucalyptus parvula - Small Leaved Gum - 50 seeds

Eucalyptus parvula - Small Leaved Gum - 50 seeds


Myrtaceae - no shipment to Western Australia or Tasmania


Eucalyptus parvula (formerly Eucalyptus parvifolia), commonly known as Small Leafed Gum is a cold tolerant Eucalyptus with a limited distribution near Nimitabel in the southern New South Wales highlands where grows in the valleys where the soil is poorly drained and where conditions are cold, with frost, snow and heavy mist. 
In its natural state it can grow to 10m in height and may be greater in width.  The trunk, which may be single or divided, sheds its bark in thin strips, leaving a smooth surface that can range from light or dark grey to pink to green, normally with a 100mm collar of hard deeply ridged bark at the base. 
Flowers are white and appear in late Summer and Autumn.
A distinctive feature of this species is that mature trees retain their juvenile leaves, which are opposite and approximately 25mm long and the fruit stays tightly packed along the stems.  
It is one of the most compact of the Eucalypts, having a rounded shape with branches close to the ground and is also useful in groups for wind protection or in hedge type rows for privacy.  It is an excellent tree for cold damp positions. 
This species is frost tolerant and is suited to waterlogged areas, but should be watered well in Summer to maintain optimum condition. 
Propagation is easy by seed and is quick to germinate.
50 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 
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