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Corymbia papuana syn Eucalyptus papuana - Ghost Gum - 30 seeds

Corymbia papuana syn Eucalyptus papuana - Ghost Gum - 30 seeds


Myrtaceae - no shipment to Western Australia or Tasmania


Immortalised by Albert Namatjira in his paintings, the Ghost gum, Eucalyptus papuana is one of those gums that all Australians relate to and has a particular place in Australian history - the famous Tree of Knowledge of Labor Party and Shearers strike fame is a Ghost Gum - seed for this species is never easy to come by.

Growing into a stately tall shade tree to 20m this species is characterised by its stark smooth white trunk with a ghost like appearance at night and dark green leaves clumping at the end of its branches.

Occurring naturally in the tropical monsoon regions of WA, Northern Territory and Queensland, this species is more frequently propagated outside Australia where it is used in freeway planting, roadside medians, parks and as a residential specimen/feature and shade tree.  


It has proved to be adaptable to a range of dry climates and as would be expected it is a drought hardy species, but can also tolerate wetter colder climates than its natural habitat - down to - 4°C.


It prefers full sun, soil types suited are broad although it must be well drained.

30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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