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Eucalyptus nitida - Smithton or Shining Peppermint - 50 Seeds

Eucalyptus nitida - Smithton or Shining Peppermint - 50 Seeds

Myrtaceae species - no shipment to WA or TAS
Eucalyptus nitida, commonly known as the Smithton Peppermint, Shining Peppermint or Smithton Peppermint Gum, is native to eastern Australia including Tasmania and is a fast growing, spreading, fine leaved evergreen tree to approximately 18m in height. 


Its glossy narrow leaves are grey/ blue, aromatic (smelling of peppermint) with entire margins and are up to 13cm long and 2cm wide.  The mature bark of this tree is smooth and grey/ pink, the young branch growth is green. 


The flowers of the plant are white in colour, composed of many show flowers, usually white or a creamy yellow in Spring to Summer.


Eucalyptus nitida flowers are attractive to bees and prefers moist, well drained soils.  It tolerates most pH of soil, although it prefers slightly acidic soils, it will tolerate poor soils. 
It is an adaptable unfussy tree that requires little maintenance. 
50 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.  
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