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Eucalyptus leucoxylon rosea - Pink Flowered Yellow Gum - 100 seeds

Eucalyptus leucoxylon rosea - Pink Flowered Yellow Gum - 100 seeds


Myrtaceae - no shipment to Western Australia or Tasmania


Eucalyptus leucoxylon rosea, commonly known as the Pink Flowered Yellow Gum, is a small to medium-sized tree growing to approximately 10m in height that occurs naturally in open forest and woodland in western Victoria, South Australia and SW New South Wales.
It has a short trunk and dense spreading crown providing shade, the bark is retained on the lower trunk with the upper trunk and branches smooth barked and cream to grey in colour.  The adult leaves are lance shaped to about 20cm long, the flowers are usually seen in Autumn and Winter and are pink or red are very attractive to the nectar feeding native birds.  The megalocarpa subspecies (there are 4 in all) is smaller than most others in this family and has larger larger fruit. 
This is a very popular tree in cultivation. 


All forms of Eucalyptus leucoxylon have proved to be drought resistant, frost tolerant and fast growing and is tolerant of salt spray and can take coastal exposure and salt spray.  This grows well in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and New South Wales and is seen at its best in the drier parts of Victoria and South Australia.  It will also tolerate inland conditions but is not suited to humid areas such as Brisbane and north. 
It performs best in well drained, moist soils and it grows well in alkaline soils. 
Eucalyptus leucoxylon rosea is regularly planted for windbreaks, shade, honey production and for ornamental purposes.
100 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.  
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