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Eucalyptus lacrimans - Weeping Snow Gum - 50 Seeds

Eucalyptus lacrimans - Weeping Snow Gum - 50 Seeds


Myrtaceae - no shipment to Western Australia or Tasmania


Eucalyptus lacrimans, commonly known as the Weeping Snow Gum is a small lignotuberous tree to some 12m in height, although it rarely exceeds 5 or 6m in height in cultivation.  This species occurs in scattered, localised outcrops in the high snow country in the Adaminaby/Kiandra area of New South Wales at a height of 1250m or more.
Juvenile foliage is a glaucous blue-green, adult foliage is narrow lanceolate in a glossy concolorous green. Flowers are white and occur in the early to mid Summer.  Bark is smooth mainly white with patches of cream, grey red or orange, normally with some excoriating bark present.  The most attractive and individualistic feature of this species is the weeping form, with branches and branchlets taking a pendulous, weeping form with branchlets, foliage and multitudinous gumnuts cascading for as much as two metres and giving an effect not unlike a weeping willow.  
The weeping form contrasts with the colourful smooth bark to make a most attractive spectacle.
Eucalyptus lacrimans is one of the most cold tolerant of all the eucalyptus and normally grows in snow for three months of the year.  Temperatures in its range are generally cool with summer maximums from 15 to 25°C and winter lows from -10 to 0°C.  Although it is not under pressure or vulnerable in the wild it is not a widespread species and seed is seldom available.


Eucalyptus lacrimans is an attractive specimen tree for small gardens or ornamental plantings, it is also useful in groups for wind protection.  It is an excellent tree for cold damp positions, can withstand snow and ice and grows well in poor soils and is very long-lived, is very slow growing and can easily be cultivated from seed.
50 premium quality seeds shipped by ordinary mail upon receipt of clear funds. 
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