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Eucalyptus grossa - Coarse Leaved Mallee - 60 Seeds

Eucalyptus grossa - Coarse Leaved Mallee - 60 Seeds


Attractive and versatile!


Myrtaceae - no shipment to Western Australia or Tasmania


Eucalyptus grossa, commonly known as the Coarse Leaved Mallee is a small Mallee form to approximately 3m by 3m, originating around Kalgoorlie in West Australia. 


This species is unusual in that the foliage grows almost to ground level, the adult leaves are very thick and glossy green and it forms a neat hemispherical shape with fairly dense foliage if trimmed occasionally. 


Young branches have a decidedly red tinge and the trunk is pearl grey mottled with purple to dark red colours.  The beautiful puffy flowers are yellow-green and come in showy clusters.

A fast and easy plant to grow, it is a low maintenance tree that is both drought and frost hardy.  It is at home in either clay, sandy or loamy soils and has succeeded in a variety of locations outside its natural environment, ranging from the Toowoomba region to the black soils in South Western Queensland northwest of Goondiwindi and in the dry south west of NSW near Barmedman.

It is well suited as an ornamental for a small garden and its form and size can be maintained with a little trimming.  It is a wind resistant species that makes a successful low windbreak or hedge.

Sadly this species is better known and appreciated overseas.

This listing is for 60 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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