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Eucalyptus diversicolor - Karri Giant of the Forest - 50 seeds

Eucalyptus diversicolor - Karri Giant of the Forest - 50 seeds


Myrtaceae - no shipment to Western Australia or Tasmania


Eucalyptus diversicolor, commonly known as the Karri, is a fast growing tall forest tree growing to as much as 80m in height, making it one of Australias tallest trees and one of the tallest hardwood flowering plants in the world.  This species is not lignotuberous, it regenerates from seed or can produce new shoots from epicormic buds in the trunk. 
It is found naturally in the high rainfall areas of south west Western Australia. 


Due to its commanding height Karri has in the past been used as a fire tower.
Bark is smooth throughout, ranging in colour from light grey to dark grey and cream to yellow or pale orange, often mottled and shedding in irregular plates.  Juvenile foliage is a discolorous, dull mid-green above lighter below It is broadly ovate to sub-orbicular, 5 to 15cm long and 2.5 to 10cm wide.  Adult foliage is blade lanceolate, 7 to to13.5cm long and 1.5 to 3.5cm in a discolourous, dark green, glossy above and paler below.  Flowers are white and appear in the Spring and Summer and attract nectar eating birds.
Karri is a major source of commercial hardwood and is now cultivated in plantations, the timber is red, hard and beautiful, strong and moderately durable and is used for flooring and building construction and indoor and outdoor furniture.  The tree is also a valuable honey species and Karri honey is highly regarded.
Karri likes a moist sandy loan soil with a pH that is mildly acidic to neutral, it likes good rainfall and comes from an area that receives good winter rainfall.  It is frost tender when young and only moderately frost tolerant making it best suited to low frost areas.
50 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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