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Eucalyptus curtisii - Plunkett Mallee - 200 seeds

Eucalyptus curtisii - Plunkett Mallee - 200 seeds


Myrtaceae - no shipment to Western Australia or Tasmania


Known as the Plunkett Mallee from the area where the plants grow naturally, the species is only found growing naturally in a restricted area about 60km south of Brisbane near Plunkett.  With the ever increasing spread of suburbia and the reduction of its natural territory this species is coming under increasing pressure and is now officially categorised as under threat.
In its natural habitat it forms a Mallee-like shrub or small tree 2 - 7m high and exhibits the main distinguishing feature of Mallees - the lignotuber or swollen mass of woody tissue that occurs at ground level from which a number of stems arise. 
Mature leaves are 6 - 13cm long and 10 - 25mm wide, lanceolate and shiny green above and pale underneath, when crushed they are lightly aromatic. 
The bark is an attractive smooth silvery grey that sheds in long ribbons and is one of the most attractive cream flowering Eucalyptus with attractive, showy clusters of blooms with individual flowers 2cm across.  Fruits that follow are bell-shaped, 7 - 8mm in diameter and appear in large clusters. 
Eucalyptus curtisii occurs on sandy soils with impeded drainage, shallow stony soils, clay loams and stony clays with a surface layer of loose stones. 
It is highly versatile, happily withstanding Canberra frosts but equally at home in north Queensland and it is suitable for even the smallest gardens with heavy pruning encouraging a Mallee habit.
200 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 
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