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Eucalyptus cloeziana - Gympie Messmate - 150 Seeds

Eucalyptus cloeziana - Gympie Messmate - 150 Seeds


Myrtaceae - no shipment to Western Australia or Tasmania


Eucalyptus cloeziana, commonly known as the Gympie Messmate, is a small to tall tree that grows from 12 to 15m in height in less favourable conditions to as much as 60m in height in optimum conditions and is native to Queensland from Gympie in the south to near Cooktown in the north and extending inland some 600km. 

It is widespread but scattered occurring with a mixture of other Eucalyptus on moist sites and occasionally on the edges of rainforests.  Its common name derives from the Gympie locality and messmate reflects its propensity to grow as a companion plant with other Eucalypts.

The rough bark is persistent on most or all of the trunk and large branches and is soft, flaky and tessellated in light yellow or yellowish-brown weathering to greyish-white to yellow.  The flaky bark is very similar to the yellow bloodwoods, to which it is totally unrelated.  The greyish-green juvenile leaves are stalked, elliptical to ovate to 10cm by 5cm and the adult foliage is a slightly glossy green lance shaped or curved to 13cm by 3cm.  The white flowers occur from late Spring to Summer and are a little unusual being borne in compound inflorescences or panicles on the leafless lower parts of the twigs.

Gympie Messmate is unusual amongst Eucalypts being able to tolerate considerable shade while young and because it sheds its lower branches rapidly making for a tall clean-boled tree.

It is suited to higher rainfall areas (greater than 800mm per year), in a range of well drained lightly acid to alkaline soils with moderate to high fertility, and where frosts are rare or not severe.

Eucalyptus cloeziana is a good hardwood timber tree and is being grown as a forestry plantation species and makes a good bee tree.

150 premium quality seed shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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