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Eucalyptus calycogona - Pink Gooseberry Mallee - 30 seeds

Eucalyptus calycogona - Pink Gooseberry Mallee - 30 seeds


Myrtaceae - no shipment to Western Australia or Tasmania


Eucalyptus calycogona commonly known as the Pink Gooseberry Mallee is a species widespread in Mallee scrubs of southern Australia from the southern wheatbelt of Western Australia, through southern South Australia, north western Victoria and just crossing the Murray River into New South Wales, usually on loamy rather than sandy soils. 

It is notable among the Mallees for the buds and fruit which are square in cross section. 


It normally grows as a multi trunked specimen to about 5m in height, occasionally as a small single trunked tree.

Bark is smooth throughout, cream, grey, greyish brown or coppery pink, sometimes powdery, sometimes with ribbons of decorticated bark in the upper branches, juvenile foliage is a dull grey-green with mature adult foliage a glossy dark green.  Flowers are either white or pink and the following fruit is barrel shaped and square in the cross section. 


It is drought resistant and is usually found naturally on loamy rather than sandy soils.  It is also frost hardy in Australian terms -7°C.

30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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