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Enchylaena tomentosa - Ruby Saltbush / Barrier Saltbush - 30 Seeds

Enchylaena tomentosa - Ruby Saltbush / Barrier Saltbush - 30 Seeds

Enchylaena tomentosa , commonly known as Ruby Saltbush or Barrier Saltbush is a succulent bearing small berries with a crisp, salty-sweet flavour and grows in every state across mainland Australia, typically found growing in the salt marshes of our tropical, sub-tropical and temperate regions.
It has procumbent or ascending pubescent, trailing branches which may grow to 1m long but a height of 1m is occasionally attained, however, plants are often less than half this size and some forms are even prostrate.
The evergreen leaves, which are cylindrical, semi-succulent and up to 2cm long, are covered with fine white hairs (tomentose), giving the plant an attractive grey appearance overall.  The single, axillary flowers are insignificant and occur from late Spring to early Summer through to Autumn.  These are followed by very showy, small (5mm diameter) fruits which are red when ripe which are depressed-globular and succulent and change from green to yellow prior to ripening.  It is usual for the differing colour stages to be present on a plant at the one time, adding greatly to the visual impact.
This species fruits and flowers year round, producing edible berries about 5 - 8mm in diameter, ranging in colour from yellow to red, the berries may be eaten raw or soaked in water to make a sweet tea.  The leaves are also edible, but as they’re rich in oxalates, they should be cooked before eating, or consumed sparingly.
To harvest, simply pluck the berries and leaves off the main plant.
It can be grown as a tub specimen or a shrub and succeeds as a  coastal plant. In cultivation, with favourable soil conditions, a less sparse and possibly more vigorous plant may result, well able to cope with any periods of relative dryness or with cold conditions including frosts.  Ruby Saltbush has been shown to tolerate temperatures of - 6ºC in cultivation at the Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra.
This listing is for 30 seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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