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Elaeocarpus grandis - Blue Quandong / Blue Marble Tree - 20 seeds

Elaeocarpus grandis - Blue Quandong / Blue Marble Tree - 20 seeds


This fast growing Australian native is an excellent pioneer species, reaching 5 - 6m tall within a few years, reaching up to 35m in height in its native habitat in subtropical and tropical rainforest but usually shorter in cultivation.

Found naturally growing beside rivers and creeks in subtropical and tropical QLD, northern QLD, NT and northern NSW.

It has a whitish grey bark and a straight singular buttressed trunk with vertical flattened roots around the base (even in younger specimens), a lovely open and rounded canopy of deep green leaves that turn red with age and fall from the tree. The open canopy allows light to penetrate to the shorter understorey plants below.


Cream coloured flowers are quite attractive but insignificant occurring in the Autumn, followed by spherical, brilliant blue coloured fruit in Spring to Summer which are 15 - 30mm in diameter with a thin layer of green flesh that is edible which is best when overripe otherwise it is very astringent. This has a higher vitamin C content than oranges!

Inside the fruit is a large woody seedpod (looks like a little brain!) which is very decorative and each contain up to 5 seeds.


Indigenous Australians made an edible paste from the ripe fruit, also used it for medicinal purposes, made manual tools from the timber and used the seedpods for jewellery.


It is a food tree for the Bright Cornelian Butterfly and is a popular forestry species for its highly regarded white timber.


The tree is suitable for larger gardens and parks due to the size but a worthy addition if you have the space.


20 premium seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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