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Dracaena draco - Red Dragon Tree - 25 Seeds

Dracaena draco - Red Dragon Tree - 25 Seeds


Dracaena draco is native to the Canary Islands and is the famous Dragon Tree so widely grown in Mediterranean climates.  The name comes from the red sap of this tree that was sold as Dragon's Blood and was said to be used by the ancient Egyptians during the embalmment process, it was also considered part of any good witchcraft toolkit.

It grows to 6 to 10m in cultivation with an umbrella-shaped crown of branches and leaves but reaches 12 to 18m in its native habitat.  It forms a very stout, swollen and often somewhat grotesque woody trunk, the trunk up to 1.5m in diameter.  Leaves to 75cm long and 4cm wide green, sword-shaped, thick fleshy leaves, smooth to glaucous green and translucent edges. This tree prefers to be grown in full sun. 


Superstition believes that the dark red, resinous substance exuding from the leaves and trunk is dragons blood. 


The Dragon Tree tends to stay unbranched for many years before expanding its canopy as a tree.

25 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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