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Doryanthes palmerii - Giant Spear Lily - 30 seeds

Doryanthes palmerii - Giant Spear Lily - 30 seeds


Doryanthes palmeri, commonly known as the Spear Lily or Queensland Mountain Lily is the sister plant to the Gymea Lily, Doryanthes excelsa.  It is found naturally in the coastal regions of far northern New South Wales and southern Queensland, where it is now under habitat threat.


This is a giant rosette plant with numerous sword-like leaves up to 2m long and arranged in dense rosettes which eventually form large clumps with thickened underground stems.  The brilliant red funnel shaped flowers are produced on a leafy stem to 3m long, these appear from the lower leaves of the plant and arch gently under the weight of the flowers.  Unlike Gymea Lily where the flowers are borne on 3m long stems, these flowers are much more visible and can make a much more attractive, if less individual, flowering spectacle.  


Roasted Doryanthes flower spikes were used as a food source for Indigenous Australians and the roots were mashed into a pulp and made into cakes.  


It can be grown in indoor pots, however the leaves may droop if the plant isn't in full sun, this species prefers light shade but will take full sun.


Although it is found naturally further north than Gymea generally, Doryanthes palmeri is actually a little more cold tolerant and will tolerate light frost, but heavy frost will burn the flower spikes - down to about - 4°C.  Doryanthes palmeri with its different flowering form also lends itself to being grown as a large container specimen and makes an excellent feature plant. 


Seed for this species is not often available and the plants are rarely available in nurseries.


30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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