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Doryanthes excelsa - Gymea / Giant Lily - 30 seeds

Doryanthes excelsa - Gymea / Giant Lily - 30 seeds


Looking for a touch of the unusual and exotic - you certainly can't miss the Gymea Lily! 


Gymea Lilies are spectacular Australian native plants with large, compact heads of nectar filled red flowers atop tall, thick stems.  This is a perennial lily with rosettes of large sword shaped, light green leaves over 1m long. 


In Spring and Summer, deep blood red flowers appear on the end of tall stems or scapes up to 6m tall, these are followed by woody capsules which split open when ripe, releasing flat, slightly winged seeds.  Plants grown from seed take 6 - 7 years to flower but always make an attractive showing with their long strap like foliage.

Gymea Lilies need deep, well drained soil and a position in full sun to filtered shade.  Plants can be grown from seed, and established clumps can be divided, the flower spikes can be damaged by frost but the foliage remains unaffected. 


In Australia, they grow from Brisbane in the subtropical north all the way south and west to Perth and in inland regions.

30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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