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Dombeya burgessiae - Pink Wild Pear - 15 Seeds

Dombeya burgessiae - Pink Wild Pear - 15 Seeds


Fragrant and delightful!


Dombeya burgessiae, commonly known as the Pink Wild Pear is a widespread and variable species found naturally in South Africa from KwaZulu - Natal northwards to Tanzania and occurs naturally on forest margins, hillsides and slopes and along stream banks.
The Pink Wild Pear is a garden favourite used by many gardeners and landscapers for its profusion of pink to white flowers borne in dense clusters which occur from late Summer to early Winter.  The pretty flowers persist on the plant when they are finished flowering to provide an attractive display of light russet brown flowers which may also be used in dry flower arrangements, the fruits that follow are small, round, furry capsules.
Due to its small dimensions this tree is ideally suited to the town house or small garden as it seldom exceeds 4m in height and has a spread of about the same.
The leaves of this tree are large, velvety, soft and lobed, reminiscent of grape leaves.  This allows this plant to lend a tropical atmosphere to the garden and consequently is often used in the landscape near water features and forest type plantings.  The pink wild pear also grows very well in light shade, which makes it ideal for planting under the canopy of other trees or against shady southern walls. 
This species is both easy and very fast growing, once planted out in the garden it can attain its full size in as little as three years.
Tolerant to both light frost and periods of drought, the Pink Wild Pear is easily propagated from seed.


This listing is for 15 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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