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Diploglottis campbellii - Small Leaved Tamarind - 15 seeds

Diploglottis campbellii - Small Leaved Tamarind - 15 seeds


This uncommonly grown Australian native Bush Tucker species is also grows as a small dense evergreen tree usually 7 - 10m tall but taller in its native range in riverine rainforest of NSW and QLD. It has a lovely habit with a spreading crown of glossy green foliage, a grey brown trunk making a great ornamental shade tree!


Small creamy brown flowers occur from late Spring to Summer turning into yellow brown bulbs to 6cm across in late Summer to Autumn, these split open when ripe to reveal the bright red flesh of the fruit - it is a prolific fruiter!

This fruit has a very distinctive taste and is used in both savoury and sweet dishes, jams, sauces, chutney, jelly and also makes a great accompaniment to cheese and meat boards.


Prefers a a rich well drained soil high in organic matter in a part shaded position, keep well watered in the dry season and apply an organic or slow release fertiliser in early Spring and is tolerant of light frost.


It can be kept as a potted specimen with regular pruning and care, I think it would make a really interesting Bonsai specimen!

It can be hedged, grown as a screen, provides shade and attracts birds bees and other insects.


This tree is becoming threatened in the wild so the best thing we can do for this species is to plant some to keep them going!


This listing is for 15 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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