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Dietes iridoides - Fortnight Lily / African Iris - 30 seeds

Dietes iridoides - Fortnight Lily / African Iris - 30 seeds

This is a rhizomatous evergreen clumping perennial that is native to eastern and southern Africa growing 60 - 120cm tall x 60 - 90cm wide with stiff, narrow sword shaped leaves and from Spring to Autumn - even into the Winter, flowers emerge on branched stalks that rise above the foliage and blooming occurs in 2 week intervals. 


The flowers are 7cm wide, waxy in texture and consists of six parts - the 3 outer segments are predominantly white with dark yellow-orange blotches and some brownish yellow markings toward the base and the 3 inner segments are violet, these flowers only last one day but they are quickly replaced with new ones. Remove seedpods to promote extra flowering.
Grow in full sun to part shade in garden beds, as a border, as a coastal garden specimen, looks fabulous when mass planted and can even be grown on the patio in containers.


Can be grown in poor soil and is moderately salt and drought tolerant when established but thrives if given some extra attention.

30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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