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Dierama argyreum - White Fairy Wands - 15 Seeds

Dierama argyreum - White Fairy Wands - 15 Seeds


Native to South and East Africa, Fairy Wands occur in a variety of habitats, frequently associated with water, which seems fitting as they are at their loveliest reflected in a garden pool.  This species is a smaller dwarf form that grows from 60 to 90cm in height and 150cm in width typically forming a large clump which may be divided as needed. 


The flowering stems arise in late Spring to early Summer producing numerous nodding silvery white flowers on slender, hair-like stems that emerge from sulphurous yellow buds.  The bloom period usually lasts about a month, after this the developing seed pods continue as an interesting feature dangling from the 'Wands'.

Also known as Hairbells and Angels Fishing Rods, Fairy Wands are a must for every garden.  It is attractive as a feature plant or along side a garden pond, their lovely pendulous flowers wave from side to side in the gentlest of breezes.  They are easy to care for, thrive in ordinary garden soil, can take boggy conditions or regular watering and full sun.

Pretreatment: No pre-treatment of the seeds is required.
Sowing:  Plant the seeds in ordinary garden loam or potting mix in early Spring and cover with about 0.3cm of soil and keep moist.  Germination usually starts in two to three weeks and continues up to four weeks.

Transplanting:  Once the seedlings are 7.5cm tall they can be transplanted to individual pots that are at least 15cm deep.  They can then be planted into the garden the following Spring.

After Care:  Fairy Wands perform best in a deep, moderately rich soil, but will grow well in poorer soils.  They prefer regular watering and will perform even in wet soils, best growth if situated where it will get full midday sun.

This listing is for 15 seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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