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Dichondra repens - Kidney Weed - 50 coated seeds

Dichondra repens - Kidney Weed - 50 coated seeds

A great ornamental Australian and NZ native groundcover that can be used as a substitute for turf in low traffic areas!
This is an easy to grow native herbaceous perennial groundcover, up to 10cm tall x 100cm wide with a rapid spreading habit with small, dark green, cute kidney shaped leaves, 0.5 - 2.5cm long and tiny white to yellowish green flowers in Spring to Summer but can flower throughout the year, the fruit that follows is a 2 lobed hairy capsule.
It has a low creeping habit with roots forming at the nodes, and can create a natural carpet in shaded areas, tolerating light foot traffic and looks fantastic when planted between stepping stones, in rockeries, cottage gardens, as a lawn substitute, native groundcover, and even looks great in hanging baskets!
Best grown in part shade to filtered sun but can be grown in full sun although may get washed out and not perform as well, prefers free draining loose soil. Water well in the first 12 weeks after planting until established and feed monthly in Spring to Summer, be sure to water well in hot weather.
Found naturally growing in forest, woodland and grassland habitats in Australia and New Zealand.
This listing is for 50 premium quality coated seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. The seeds are coated which aids in water retention, enhanced germination and establishment success.
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