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Dianella revoluta - Black Anther Flax Lily  30 seeds

Dianella revoluta - Black Anther Flax Lily 30 seeds

Dianella revoluta is a hardy evergreen clumping perennial growing up to 1m in height with a 1.5m spread and is adaptable to a wide range of situations and conditions, it has leathery, linear strap like leaves. 


Small star shaped flowers grow on an erect blue to purple coloured inflorescence that rises above the foliage, the individual flowers are very pretty and put on a lovely show when in flower but only last one day. 
They are blue petals that curl backwards with yellow and black filaments and anthers face the other way, the fruit that follows are 4 - 10mm purple berries and each contain 3 - 4 black shiny seeds, these are said to be edible and have a nutty flavour.  The fruit persists on the inflorescence for many months and birds enjoy the eating the berries.


Indigenous Australians enjoy these fresh or cooked in sweet or savoury dishes, while the plant root can be pounded and roasted for eating.
The root and leaf has also been used as a traditional tea ingredient to remedy colds and headaches.
Dianella is a useful revegetation species that can be used as an understorey plant, gap filler, in a rockery and looks great as a mass planting.
30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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