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Dais cotinifolia - Pom Pom Tree - 15 Seeds

Dais cotinifolia - Pom Pom Tree - 15 Seeds


A beautiful small flowering tree!


Dais cotinifolia, commonly known Pom Pom Tree  is a hardy, fast growing, deciduous, small tree growing to some 6m.  Its natural home is the eastern part of South Africa where it grows on the margins of forests, wooded hill slopes and in stony kloofs.


It bears masses of very showy, fragrant pink, pom pom like flowers in mid Summer.  It begins flowering whilst still young, the slightly blue-green foliage is attractive in Spring when it has scattered pink leaves in the crown. 


Evergreen in mild climates, deciduous in cool climates, it is a popular garden subject for sun or semi-shade and  is ideal for small gardens and containers.  It is best in a well-drained soil with reliable moisture and added humus.  It needs little maintenance, just prune any overlapping or irregular growth. It is frost tolerant and moderately drought resistant once established. 


This listing is for 15 seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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