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Cyperus polystachyos - Bunchy Sedge - 100 seeds

Cyperus polystachyos - Bunchy Sedge - 100 seeds

This is a clumping, long lived shortly rhizomatous perennial (or annual) that grows in and along creeks and rivers in rainforest, Melaleuca forest, vine thickets and Eucalypt forest and swampy places of woodland and grassland, even in salty mud of the seashore with a widespread distribution occurring in WA, NT and NE QLD.


Bunchy Sedge has upright rigid stems that are triangular in cross section with flowering stems to 80cm tall and following the greenish brown flowers from Spring to Summer, the seedheads are irregular clusters of brownish spikes.
This is a great option for shallow water or bank plantings, for revegetation, in coastal locations, in ponds, dams in the home garden.

100 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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