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Cyathea dealbata - Silver Tree Fern / Ponga - 500 spores

Cyathea dealbata - Silver Tree Fern / Ponga - 500 spores

A gorgeous Tree Fern from New Zealand!
This NZ native grows as a Tree Fern with a trunk up to 10m tall that is covered with the bases of the old fronds, pale green stalked soft 3 pinnate leaves, growing horizontally, somewhat arching and distinctively silver underneath, dead fronds fall from the trunk leaves scars. The sporangia is arranged in small round capsules underneath the leaves.
It is endemic to NZ from the Three Kings Island south to Mahers Swamp in the west and Dunedin in the east of the South Island, preferring dry forest and shrubland, often found growing under Pines and is primarily located in coastal and lowland habitats, extending to lower montane.
Best in filtered light to part shade and keep protected from frost, keep moist and feed twice yearly with fertiliser.

Great garden specimen and can even be grown in containers.
This listing is for 500 premium quality spores shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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