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Cyathea australis - Rough Tree Fern - 1000 Spores

Cyathea australis - Rough Tree Fern - 1000 Spores

Cyathea australis, commonly known as the Rough Tree Fern is a stout slow growing tree fern found naturally in moist mountain areas along much of the east coast of Australia, extending from Central Queensland down the coast to Victoria and Tasmania.
It is known as the Rough Tree Fern due to the presence of adventitious roots, tubercles (knobbly bits) and masses of hair-like scales on its 'trunk' that can reach 2m in height and with long beautiful fronds that can reach 2 - 3m in length.
This is a beautiful tree fern and adaptable - it is probably the hardiest of the Australian species and can take temperatures down to - 10°C.  It is capable of taking full sun when its roots are wet and is tolerant of salty winds and is adaptable to a variety of climates and soils.  It is an excellent robust tub plant.
Tree Ferns grow best in high humidity and high soil moisture conditions, it is therefore important to use good-quality mulches and to top them up regularly as this will not only keep the soil moist but also provide nutrients to the shallow root system.
This listing is for 1000 spores shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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