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Cupressus macrocarpa - Monterey Cypress - 30 Seeds

Cupressus macrocarpa - Monterey Cypress - 30 Seeds


Cupressus macrocarpa, commonly known as the Monterey Cypress is a medium-sized coniferous evergreen tree, which often becomes irregular and flat-topped as a result of the strong winds that are typical of its native area.  It is found naturally in California on the Pacific Coast at Carmel (near Monterey), in two groves - at Cypress Point and Point Lobo.  It has now been widely planted as a windbreak or specimen tree in many temperate parts of the world that enjoy cool Summer, mild Winter oceanic climates similar to its native range.


It grows to heights of up to 40m in perfect growing conditions, and its trunk diameter can reach 2.5m, the foliage grows in dense sprays which are bright green in colour and release a deep lemony aroma when crushed.  The leaves are scale-like, 2 - 5mm long, and produced on rounded (not flattened) shoots; seedlings up to a year old have needle-like leaves 4 - 8mm long.


The seed cones are globose to oblong, 20 - 40 mm long, with 6 - 14 scales, green at first, maturing brown about 20 - 24 months after pollination.  The pollen cones are 3 - 5mm long, and release their pollen in late Winter or early Spring.


It has been widely reported that some individual Cupressus macrocarpa trees may be up to 2,000 years old, but this is disputed by botanists, and the longest-lived report based on physical evidence is of a tree 284 years old.


Monterey Cypress is used as an ornamental feature tree, a windbreak tree and for timber and is a suitable subject for Bonsai.


This listing is for 30 seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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