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Cupressus glabra - Blue Arizona Cypress - 30 Seeds

Cupressus glabra - Blue Arizona Cypress - 30 Seeds


Fast growing, frost resistant and water wise once established!

Cupressus glabra, commonly known as Blue Arizona Cypress or Smooth Cypress is a handsome, steeple-shaped evergreen that can grow from 9 to 15m in height and 3.5 to 4.5m in width.  Smooth Cypress is found naturally in the USA in the mountains of central-western Arizona growing on rocky or gravelly soils in canyons from 900 to 2500m above sea level. 
It has compact, beautiful blue-green foliage, the small scale-like leaves are dotted with tiny white flecks that actually are resin glands that produce a turpentine fragrance.  The outer bark continually flakes away, revealing the very attractive smooth, cherry-red inner bark. 
The spherical cones are reddish brown, about 2.5cm in diameter with 6 - 8 shield-shaped scales, and remain on the tree for 2 or more years, even after the seeds are shed. 
Smooth Cypress is an extremely ornamental tree, and a single specimen or small group makes a dramatic statement in the landscape.  Planted in a row, Smooth Cypress trees make a good windbreak and an almost impenetrable screen.  In the southwest of the US, it is cultivated for Christmas trees.  
It also makes an attractive Bonsai subject.
Smooth Cypress grows well in almost any soil, acidic to calcareous, so long as it is well drained.  It should be staked for the first few years to keep it from falling over. 
It prefers a position in full sun and is both frost hardy and drought tolerant.
This listing is for 30 seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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