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Cupressus cashmeriana - Kashmir Cypress - 30  Seeds

Cupressus cashmeriana - Kashmir Cypress - 30 Seeds


The afficionados Cypress!  A fast growing and beautiful Cypress with the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Merit!


Cupressus cashmeriana, commonly known as the Kashmir Cypress, is a medium-sized to large coniferous tree growing 20 - 45m tall, rarely much more, with a trunk up to 3m in diameter.  The leaves are scale-like, 1 - 2mm long, up to 5mm long on strong lead shoots; young trees up to about 5 years old have juvenile foliage with soft needle-like leaves 3 - 8mm long.

The seed cones are ovoid, 10 - 21mm long and 10 - 19mm broad, with 8 - 12 scales, dark green, maturing dark brown about 24 months after pollination.  The cones open at maturity to shed the seed, the pollen cones are 3 - 5 mm long, and release pollen in early Spring.


Most Cypress aficionados would consider the Kashmir Cypress to be the most beautiful and graceful of all Cypresses and perhaps of all conifers!  What sets this one apart from all others is its lovely blue foliage that hangs languidly from the branches with the same grace as a Weeping Willow, but unlike a Willow, the Kashmir cypress holds its foliage year round.  Not only is it beautiful but, in the right conditions, it is fast growing, reaching at least 6m in the first 10 years. 

It is a stunning lawn specimen and being evergreen also serves the practical use as a screen or barrier.

It prefers warm, rich soil with high organic content, and is tolerant of both wet or dry conditions, full sun to light shade.


It does well across the southern half of the US, the southern UK, Australia and New Zealand.

This listing is for 30 seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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