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Cupressus arizonica - Arizona Cypress - 30 Seeds

Cupressus arizonica - Arizona Cypress - 30 Seeds


Fast growing, frost resistant and water-wise once established!


Cupressus arizonica v arizonica, commonly known as the Arizona Cypress, is a tall, dense conifer, is native to the interior of Mexico and extending into the southwestern United States, where it is the only native Cypress.  Arizona Cypress grows as tall as 18 to 20m in height and a spread of 5 to 8m on a trunk that can reach 70cm in diameter. The crown is dense and conical, spreading to 8m at maturity. 

It is a steeple-shaped tree, usually pale-green to glaucous-green, although it should not be confused with Cupressus glauca, the Blue Arizona or smooth barked Arizona Cypress which has more bluish foliage and is now rated as a separate species.  Leaves are scale-like, small and quite plentiful, closely overlapping each other and encircling the branchlets and its aroma is pleasing. 

The bark is rough, grey to black-brown and splitting into strips along the length of the tree, branches are scaly where the bark falls off in thin plates.  Cones are dark reddish brown with six to eight raised scales arranged in an irregular globe shape and mature in Autumn of the second season but persist on the tree for many years.  Tiny insignificant yellow flowers are visible in Autumn.

It is fast-growing but short-lived, on average lasting only 30 - 40 years.  It is typically used as a windbreak or barrier or as a background plant. 
Frost hardy to -15°C. it can take hot dry conditions and when established (2 to 3 years) it requires little or no water.  It is found naturally on dry, sterile, rocky mountain slopes and canyon walls, but does very well when planted on better soils. Site in full sun.
This listing is for 30 seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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