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Cupaniopsis anacardiodes - Tuckeroo / Beach Tamarind - 20 seeds

Cupaniopsis anacardiodes - Tuckeroo / Beach Tamarind - 20 seeds

A great shade tree with a large spreading canopy attracting birds, bees, butterlfies, beetles and others!
This lovely Australian native tree grows as a tree 8 - 10m tall with an attractive rounded habit, wide spreading canopy 5 - 7m wide and dark green pinnate leaves - 2 - 6 pairs of leaflets.  Small greenish to creamy white flowers occur in Autumn and these are followed by yellowish to orange 3 lobed fruit that split open and reveals dark brown to black seeds that are covered in a red waxy coating adding interest and colour to the garden in Spring.
It is native to coastal areas, often found behind sand dunes and in vine thickets and dry rainforest from the Torres Straights to Illawarra in NSW and is adaptable to a wide range of soils and conditions, including being clay tolerant.
It establishes itself quickly, is hardy, drought and salt tolerant.  Cupaniopsis anacaradiodes attracts the larvae of 10 species of the Lycaenid family of butterflies that feed on the foliage, in turn attracting a wide range of birds and beetles that feed on the larvae!
Best grown in full sun and well drained moist soils.
Makes a great shade tree, street tree, feature or screening plant and a popular choice in public parks and gardens.
This listing is for 20 seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds, seeds are only offered for a short time due to their perishable nature, so get your seeds while you can.
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