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Crotalaria pallida - Streaked Rattlepod / Rattlepod - 20 seeds

Crotalaria pallida - Streaked Rattlepod / Rattlepod - 20 seeds


This herbaceous perennial is native to tropical America and grows 1 - 1.5m tall with mid green leaflets - middle one being larger than the lateral leaflets, In Autumn to Spring the flower inflorescences reach up over the foliage, they are 15 - 45cm long with the individual yellow pea shaped flowers borne singly in the axils along the spike, the keels are marked with reddish purple stripes.

Green cylindrical seed pods start from Winter, these are grooved on one side ripening to a purple brown colour and are covered with white erect hairs, giving a slightly shiny appearance, these dry on the bushes and when shaken rattle the numerous seeds enclosed.  Seeds are laterally compressed and are mottled in shades of brown.


Cut back after flowering to maintain vigour and shape.


Crotalaria pallda has now naturalised in many parts of Australia - WA, NT, NE QLD, CE QLD and NE NSW usually occurring along roads and in disturbed areas of rainforest, vine thickets, open forest and grassland.


Note that all plant parts are toxic to livestock.


20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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