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Craspedia variabilis - Common Billy Buttons - 25 seeds

Craspedia variabilis - Common Billy Buttons - 25 seeds

This Australian native herbaceous perennial grows with a tufting habit 30 - 50cm tall x 0.5 - 1m wide, it has hairy pale to olive green leaves that are narrow, spoon shaped and are arranged in a basal rosette, the smaller stem leaves are 5 - 13cm long x 5 - 13mm wide.
One or a few long erect flower scapes occur from Spring to Summer with terminal flowerheads that are golden yellow, globular and approximately 20mm across and make a great show when planted en masse.  Butterflies love its nectar!
It is found naturally growing in sclerophyll forest, woodland and grassland in red brown or black sand, lateritic soils, seasonally wet flats, granite outcrops, low foothill forests and slopes in QLD, NSW VIC, TAS, WA and SA.
Best grown in full sun to part shade in moist soil.
Makes a great understorey plant, planted en masse in garden beds or as a native meadow, on embankments or in containers.  Flowers are long lasting and can be used in fresh or dried flower arrangements.

25 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.  

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