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Cotinus coggygria syn Rhus cotina - Flaming Smoke Bush - 20 seeds

Cotinus coggygria syn Rhus cotina - Flaming Smoke Bush - 20 seeds

Gorgeous Autumn foliage colours!
This exotic shrub originates in Southern Europe, Himalayas and China with an upright and spreading habit that is deciduous large shrub or small tree to 6m tall.
It prefers growing in warm and dry Summer climates and is easily grown in temperate climates in full sun in well drained soil, tolerates a wide range of soils and conditions and has a fibrous root system.  It is frost hardy and is drought tolerant when established.
In the Spring it has light green that is smooth rounded, matte and not glossy but in the Autumn, the foliage puts on a glorious show in shades of orange, red and purple, when crushed the leaves smell like radish.
Smoky pink flowers consisting of many filaments are just as fabulous and and occur in mid Summer.
Pruning - Care needs to be taken when handling as contact with the resinous sap can cause contact dermatitis.
To rejuvenate its shape, prune back in late Winter to about 30cm above the ground although this will sacrifice any flowering for that year.
To save the flowers leave 1/3 of the old stems on the plants.
This makes a great accent or feature plant, an informal screen or hedge.
This listing is for 20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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