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Corymbia torelliana - Cadaghi - 50 seeds

Corymbia torelliana - Cadaghi - 50 seeds

A gorgeous Australian Native Corymbia that puts on a great flower show!
This quick growing Australian native tree grows up to 30m tall and is non lignotuberous, the trunk of larger trees can developa buttressed trunk at the base, the bark on young trees is entirely smooth and older trees develop rough, tessellated grey brown stocking over the trunk to 5m high, the upper trunk and limbs are greenish grey to white and smooth barked, often shiny.
The juvenile leaves are cordate to elliptical 9 - 14.5cm long x 6 - 10.5cm wide, discolorous, green often glossy above, setose on both surfaces and adult foliage is ovate to lanceolate 6 - 16cm long x 1.5 - 8.5cm wide, discolorous dull or glossy green.
White fluffy flowers occur in profusion occur from Winter to Spring, attracts bees, insects and birds.
It is endemic to north QLD with a restricted natural distribution in coastal ranges from Cooktown, south to Ingham extending inland only as far as the Windsor Tableland on well drained soils in wet sclerophyll forest, the margin of rainforest patches and within rainforest patches. 
This is a good looking tree which makes a good shade tree in parks and larger gardens, can also be trained into a Bonsai specimen.
This listing is for 50 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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